Honor Ceremony for Alicja Elzbieta Rozanska, next Monday at 9 am

By Danny Beaton


Excerpt from the June 18th Springwater News pdf:

On June 29th Alicja Elzbieta Rozanska passed away to the spirit world while staying at the Palliative Care Center in Penetanguishene.

While alive Alicja was an amazing human being who had high values and thoughts about justice, peace, harmony, alternative thinking and respect. Especially, she cared for Mother Earth. Alicja loved to hike, swim, gardening, berry picking, star watching and being one with the natural world. As a Mohawk man I have never witnessed such peace and joy from anyone like Alicja in my life time seeing the love from her for life. When Alicja heard about Site 41, she was overwhelmed and said that we should have a walk for the water after returning Atlanta Georgia from walking for water there!

After the Walk for Water Stop Dump Site 41, it was a healing journey for all of us who worked for Mother Earth them days in unity in Simcoe County. After dump site 41 we began working to Stop the Mega Quarry in Dufferin County. Alicja and I became foster parents for Native Child and Family Services Toronto around the same time and we both wrote articles for First Nations Drum in Canada and ‘News from Indian Country Today’ a US publication. We both were healing Mother Earth and all the elders we worked with – native, non native, farmers, citizens, Maude Barlow, Elizabeth May, Steve Ogden, all the beautiful people of Simcoe County gave us so much in the ceremonies and feasts we had together on the weekends while protesting! We can’t thank Simcoe County enough for the good times together fighting for Water and Mother Earth.

Alicja was Kazebe/Polish and German back ground. She is loved by her son Rigel, her mom and sister and friends back home, by the Beaton family and Sit 41 friends!!!! Maryjane and Don Morgan retired teachers and activists of Midland stated, “The loss of Alicja can be overcome only by following her good deeds, positive thinking and by walking a spiritual path in remembrance of everything she taught us. During our last visit with Alicja at the hospital we laughed about our memory of her wading off into a crowd of protesters and riot police at the G20 Summit in Toronto,” said Don. Quiet and unassuming she was the last person you’d least expect to be so daring but Alicja had noticed the commotion and she needed to be a witness of what was going on. Fearless and Courageous that was Alicja and how she lived her life. She asked to be buried in Lafontaine down the street from her home she shared with Danny and surrounded by hills and forests.

Please join us to remember a Polish Woman who came here for a Spiritual Journey in Canada, 9 am at the Ste Croix Cemetery Lafontaine.

For more info call Danny Beaton 416 921 0014 or beatondanny@yahoo.ca. Thank you all!

Directions to Paroisse Sainte Croix, Lafontaine, ON


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