Springwater Township remembers offer of help to Springwater Park.

It’s encouraging to see promises being fulfilled from one electoral cycle to the next.

Bill French Springwater Park

Springwater Township Mayor Bill French

An excerpt from The Mayor’s Life is Always Interesting – and I love it! on AWARE Simcoe’s website:

Springwater Park
We received great news last week with the announcement of the returning of Springwater Provincial Park to operating status. Beausoleil First Nations and the Province of Ontario have entered into a 5 year co-management agreement along with an operating agreement with BFN. The Park opened its gates for visitors last Friday. As a Township, I am pleased that we were able to provide assistance during the last six months and I kept in communication with both parties. The Township provided snow plowing to the gate during the Winter months and our Parks and Recreation Department trimmed the grass in advance of the recent POW WOW at the Park. Congratulations to all for reaching the agreement. I encourage us all to visit the Park once this Summer. I know in the last term Councillor Hanna and McConkey tabled and passed a resolution to set aside some money for the Park. I think we will hear more on that in months to come and possibly a cooperative initiative.

See details about the original pledge which was 100% NOT from tax dollars: Springwater Township ponies up $10,000 to help re-imagine Springwater Park – Camp Nibi.

There is no word of support from the County of Simcoe or the City of Barrie.


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