Walk for Water to Protect Lake Simcoe, September 2 to 11, 2015

  1. An invitation to walk to protect the natural world.

2015 waterwalk poster

A message from the Organizers:

Lake Simcoe was known as Waawaase’Aagaming or the Shining Lake to the Anishinaabe People who once lived in the area. This waterwalk is intended to re-establish the spiritual connection of our people to these waters and to remind of us our responsibility to maintain a good relationship with them. At one time these waters were pure and pristine and supported a wide range of wildlife both within the water and surrounding it. When we pray for the water we pray for the well-being and right to exist of all that life. It is an honour to carry the water, carry the eagle staff, do those prayers and sing those songs.

We are walking from September 2nd to September 11th starting and ending at Sibbald’s Point Provincial Park. Once we fill the vessel with water we do not stop until lunch break and day’s end when we touch down. If camping is available we will camp or we will accept accommodation from the people we meet along the way.

Both men and women and boys and girls are welcome to join us, walk with us and pray. We will have tents available but we ask that people be as self-sufficient as possible. We ask women to please wear a skirt if they would like a turn at carrying the water and we ask that men who will carry the staff to be drug and alcohol free and of a good mind to care for all of the people walking.

We will be providing some food and water and money to fuel vehicles that support the walk.

Please call 905-252-8003 for more information. Miigwech.

2. Same walk, another invitation to help from our friends at Food and Water First the people who defeated the Mega-Quarry in Orangeville are helping stop the Midhurst Secondary Plan.


One of the key people in the successful fight to stop the Mega Quarry was Danny Beaton. In the spring of 2011, he led a group of First Nations, farmers, environmentalists and others on a walk from the lawns of Queen’s Park to the potato fields of Melancthon in order to highlight the threat the quarry posed to food and water.

Danny is about to walk again, and Food & Water First’s Carl Cosack will be joining him. You can, too! Starting September 2nd, Danny and supporters will spend nine days walking the shores of Lake Simcoe. The goal of Waterwalk 2015 is to remind us all of the need to protect the water that sustains us. For more information, please call 905-252-8003.

Everyone’ invited to help out in anyway they can.

Mega quarry group

Danny told me it was healing.

Quarry march

If i was only to walk for a day.


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