Jack Garner steps up to do the right thing by his friends and Springwater Park

Frequently court proceedings are very unpredictable and any cost awards seldom cover the actual costs for taking legal action.

Jack Garner

An important story by Janis Ramsay in the Barrie Advance called Springwater Park civil suit settled.

Mr. Ian Taylor was uncharacteristically quiet:

Ian Taylor didn’t have much to say after losing a civil lawsuit Tuesday over Springwater Provincial Park fundraising dollars.

“I have no comment. It is what it is,” Taylor said Tuesday afternoon.

Jack and Mr. Taylor disagreed about the use of donated money, Jack got the funds mostly frozen and a Barrie judge agreed with Jack.

On Tuesday, a judge agreed with Garner’s case and has ordered Taylor to repay the almost $8,000 taken, along with about $20,000 more to cover court costs and Garner’s legal fees.

“I’m extremely happy to be able to return the funds to those who were willing to put the money up to save the park,” Garner said.

Jack remains steadfast in protecting the park for future generations.

Ian Taylor personal

Mr. Taylor’s group’s and personal Facebook pages appear to have changed.



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