Who benefited in 1976 with the publication of the Pioneer History of Midhurst book?

Who benefits now with the demolition of the Midhurst Community Hall?

Midhurst Historical

Book Committee

Committee: Hunter Russell, Chairman, Dr. Wallace Coutts, Editor, Evelyn Grey, Margaret Peacock, Secretary, Marion Orser, Treasurer, Lynn Russell, Isabel Nash, Everett Coutts, George Coutts, Anne Spence, (Ann Spence)

Members: Lloyd Spence, Marjorie Spence, Evelyn Gray, Carl Doran, Mae Doran, Marie Frankcom, Vener Lambert

— p. 3, Pioneer History of Midhurst, 1976

In 2016, all of the members are deceased except Ann Spence. The Midhurst Historical Society has been inactive for several years. In a telephone conversation I had with the last chairperson, it was his and previous executives’ practice to destroy all documentation upon leaving office.

That conversation prompted me to write in July 2013 a post called: Who benefits with the premature death of the Midhurst Historical Society?

cui bono: Latin for “who benefits?”.

The current (first-term) Hall Board Executive, Members and Supporters have proposed the construction of a Midhurst Sports & Wellness Centre. Its December 14, 2015 deputation is before Springwater Township administration for review.

  1. Township Deputation Request Form,
  2. Proposal,
  3. Fundraising document

That this sports pavilion appears to require the destruction of the current Midhurst Community Hall at 74 Doran Road suggests the following question:

  • Who benefits from the demolition of the Midhurst Community Hall?

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