Who should be taking credit for the plan to establish a Midhurst Sports & Wellness Centre by demolishing the Midhurst Community Centre by September 2016?

As defined by their  December 14, 2015 proposal which is front of Springwater Township staff: Township Deputation Request FormProposal, and Fundraising document.

20160216 p1 Proposal

Based on a Springwater News letter to the editor (Feb 11, 2016) by Ann Spence:

  • Executive: Barb Kutcher, Chair, Roy Monk, Vice-Chair, Doreen Britt, Secretary, Carol Fleming, Booking Agent
  • Members at Large: Lori Hanna, Ann Spence, Matt Kelman, Nadia DeAmicis, Jack Hanna
  • Supporters (individuals): Connie Spek, Nancy Spence, Margaret Prophet
  • Supporters (groups): Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association, AWARE Simcoe (official support of plan unknown)


Springwater News
Letter to the Editor
February 11, 2016

Midhurst Community Hall Communications Report
January 2016
By: Ann Spence

Barb Kutcher was elected Chair, Doreen Britt continued as Secretary, Roy Monk was elected Vice Chair and Carol Fleming (705-722-8714) will remain Booking Agent. Members at large are Lori Hanna, Ann Spence, Matt Kelman, Nadia DeAmicis, and Jack Hanna.

The 2015 Autumnfest, under the guidance of Lori, Nadia and Barb was successful and raised approximately $5,000.000 which has been ear marked for our future pavilion.

The interior of the Midhurst Community Hall looks great with its new coat of paint on the front foyer, hallways, bathrooms and upstairs main room. Special thanks to the following volunteers who donated their time to give the hall a fresh look: Barb, Lori, Connie, Nancy and Margaret.

Events for 2016 will start off at the Midhurst Community Hall with a Pancake breakfast on Family Day Monday February 15th at 9 am until 11:30 am. The Midhurst Snowman Building Contest, winners to be announced at the Pancake Breakfast with prizes handed out by the MRA (Midhurst Rate Payers Association). Let’s hope the weather co-operates for the Snowmen Building Contest.

A new portable sign to advertise community events has been purchased and is available for rent $20.00/week for Families of Charities and $40.00/week for businesses. Wish your family and friends a happy birthday or anniversary, etc. To post your message, call or text Lori Hanna 705-795-5042.

Midhurst is off to a good start for 2016!

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cui bono: Latin for “who benefits?”.


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