The Springwater Park Citizens’ Coalition, SPCC is  a volunteer co-ordinating group formed in 2012.

The need for the SPCC was realized when the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources announced in October 2012 that Springwater Park (see map) would no longer be maintained or  staffed, the animal sanctuary would be disbanded, washroom facilities and vehicle traffic would cease and the Vespra Boys cenotaph would be abandoned by April 2013.

The SPCC exists not only to stop this third attempt to effectively close Springwater Park but to partner with all stakeholders to change establish a sustainable business plan to protect and enhance the park experience into the future.

Springwater Park Citizens’ Coalition, SPCC

Mission: To protect, restore and enhance the quality of the Springwater Provincial Park lands experience.

We will accomplish this by building on the core technical and community expertise in: primary and continuing education, indigenous animal preservation, military veterans’ appreciation, sustainable planning, and nature conservancy. Services will be offered on a long term economically sustainable manner with a particular focus on providing access to our most vulnerable citizens.

We look forward to co-operating with the First Nations, federal, provincial, county, municipal, religious, media, and business partners as we move forward toward a sustainable business model.

The human community alone creates and changes institutions. Our character is revealed in how we treat the world that gives and supports our life. We will explore, evaluate and implement innovative public-private management agreements while respecting the host community’s cultural heritage.

The Springwater Park Citizens’ Coalition invites those that share these goals to work, in good faith, with us toward a shared, renewed and sustainable relationship with the water, land, forest, animal and human environments.

On behalf of our SPCC Advisory Council, please contact

Mr. Les Stewart MBA
1201 Bayfield Street North
Midhurst, ON L0L 1X1
705 737-4635 Tel
705 627-2242 Cell


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