Who owns the +1,200 acres of Springwater Park, CPR and related provincial and county lands in Springwater Township?

November 30, 2012

Does the province of Ontario, via the Ministry of Natural Resources, have the right to change the operational status (after +70 years of active stewardship) on lands they manage but may not, legally, own?

Springwater Park lands doh

This may be the only question.

Light green areas bordered by Snow Valley Road, Wilson Drive, Highway 26 and Bayfield Street North.

And guess who pays if the province has been negligent in their stewardship and protection of this land, air and water?


Q1: Will the Springwater Provincial Park land be sold immediately for development?

November 28, 2012

Answer 1: There are no plans to sell it…now.

There is provincial legislation that complicates that.

Question 2: Does that legislative protection complication extend to the 600 to 800 acres of provincial forest land which surrounds Springwater Provincial Park? (ie. the lighter green area above: the forest bounded by Snow Valley Road, Wilson Drive, Highway 26 and Bayfield Street North in Springwater Township, ON which excluded the park, Bob McColgan’s former gravel pit, CPR, houses, County Archives & Museum)

Answer 2: [no discerible answer]

Who says that land it hasn’t already been sold?

That would explain the flurry of new water quality testing going on in the forest.

More on decades-old soil contamination along Snow Valley Road in future posts.

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