These resources inform our understanding of the issues with the Springwater Parklands:

  • A History of Simcoe County, Andrew F. Hunter, Barrie, Ont., The County Council, 1909. 1
  • A History of Vespra Township, The Vespra Township Council, Allan Anderson & Betty Tomlinson Anderson, Editors, 1987. 2
  • A Short History of Financial Euphoria, John Kenneth Galbraith, Viking, 1990.
  • Beautiful Barrie: The City and Its People, Su Murdoch, BES Rudachyk and KH Schick, 2005. 3
  • Huronia: Cradle of Ontario’s History, J. Herbert Cranston , Illustrated by C. W. Jefferys, Huronia Historic Sites Association, 1949. 1
  • Pioneer History of Midhurst, The Midhurst Historical Society, 1975. 4
  • Pioneer Papers, Simcoe County Pioneer and Historical Society, Barrie, 1908. 4
  • Simcoe County: The Recent Past, John Craig, The Corporation of the County of Simcoe, 1977 4
  • Streetwise in Barrie: An Historical Guide to Barrie Streetnames, B.E.S. Rudachyk, DBS Heritage Consulting & Communications, Barrie, 2001. 3
  • The Pioneers of Old Ontario: The Makers of Canada, W. I. Smith, Illustrations by M. McGillvray , George N. Morang, 1923. Online
  • The Visible Past: The Pictorial History of Simcoe County, Adelaide Leitch, The County of Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, 1992. 1
  • Two Billion Trees and Counting: The Legacy of Edmund Zavitz, John Bacher, Dundurn Natural Heritage, 2012. [inscribed copies available through SPCC]
  • Whiskey and Wickedness-Volume 1: Barrie, Ontario – 1815 to 1885, Larry Donald Cotton, Transcontinental Printing, 2004. 3

Available at:

1. Simcoe County Museum, Midhurst.

2. Administration Centre, Township of Springwater, $15, Midhurst.

3. Page & Turners Bookstore, Barrie.

4. Midhurst Library, Township of Springwater.


Class Environmental Assessment Study for the Midhurst Water, Wastewater and Transportation, Midhurst Master Plan, Phase 1 and 2 Report, Township of Springwater, July, 2009, 101 pages. pdf

FAQ (frequently asked questions) – Midhurst Secondary Plan, Township of Springwater, Updated December 6, 2011.  pdf

Places to Grow: Website, Ministry of Infrastructure. Ontario Growth Secretariat

Proposed Amendment 1 to the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, 2006, An amendment and implementation tools ofr he Simco Sub-area, Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure, October 2010. pdf

Public Information Centre, Midhurst Secondary Plan Study, August 28, 2008.

The Impact of the Built Environment on the Health of the Population: A Review of the Review Literature, Megan Williams, Myrna Wright, Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, November 2007. pdf


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