Can sports be a medicine, a method of healing, of bringing peace across nations?

September 18, 2015

Chief Oren Lyons believes this to be the very essence of lacrosse

Oren Lyons

L to R: Chief Oren Lyons, Danny Beaton, Alicja Rozanska, John Mohawk, and Rigel Rozanski in front. Photo by Brian Daniels around 2001.

An interesting article in today’s the Toronto Star Onondaga Nation to host world indoor lacrosse championship:

The Onondaga Nation, one of the Six Nations of the Iroquois, will become the first indigenous people to host a major international sporting event when they welcome teams from 13 countries on Friday for the world indoor lacrosse championships.

Lyons, a faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan on the Onondaga Council of Chiefs and one of the event organizers, sees it as an opportunity for the Iroquois to unite the world.

“It’s important to have this kind of a contest and this kind of an event to raise the spirits of the people and to keep their heads up,” said the 85-year-old Lyons from his home near Syracuse, N.Y. “It’s important to have our players shaking hands across these many different nations and borders and times and issues in our common cause for world peace.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to emphasize that, and we will. Our doors are open.”


“World peace is a central theme of these games — friendship and healing,” said Lyons. “The foundation of this game has been for peace and medicine, for healing. It’s always been a healing game.”

The doors to Springwater Park are also open.

First Nations Drum article.


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