Warden Cal Patterson’s Simcoe County Council: Integrity, Honesty, Trust, Transparency at all Times.

July 25, 2013

The poster at the Administration Centre on Highway 26 sets the standard. It reads:

Poster integrity

Integrity, Honesty, Trust, Transparency at all Times.

Warden Cal Patterson 2014

The current County Warden is Cal Patterson. He will serve at least from  2010 to 2014.

Council current

This is his Council:

  1. Harry Hughes, Deputy Warden and Mayor, Township of Oro-Medonte
  2. Barb Baguley, Mayor, Town of Innisfil
  3. Mike Burkett, Mayor, Township of Severn
  4. Basil Clarke, Deputy Mayor, Township of Ramara
  5. Linda Collins, Mayor, Township of Springwater
  6. Sandra Cooper, Mayor, Town of Collingwood
  7. Judith Cox, Deputy Mayor, Township of Severn
  8. Dan Davidson, Deputy Mayor, Town of Innisfil
  9. Terry Dowdall, Mayor, Township of Essa
  10. Bill Duffy, Mayor, Township of Ramara
  11. Ken Ferguson, Mayor, Township of Clearview
  12. David Foster, Deputy Mayor, Town of Wasaga Beach
  13. Ralph Hough, Deputy Mayor, Township of Oro-Medonte
  14. Rob Keffer, Deputy Mayor, Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury
  15. Stephan Kramp, Deputy Mayor, Town of Midland
  16. George Lawrence, Deputy Mayor, Township of Tiny
  17. Rick Lloyd, Deputy Mayor, Town of Collingwood
  18. Sandie Macdonald, Deputy Mayor, Township of Essa
  19. Mike MacEachern, Mayor, Town of New Tecumseth
  20. Patrick Marion, Deputy Mayor, Town of Penetanguishene
  21. Gerry Marshall, Mayor, Town of Penetanguishene
  22. Gord McKay, Mayor, Town of Midland
  23. Dan McLean, Deputy Mayor, Township of Springwater
  24. Ray Millar, Mayor, Township of Tiny
  25. Rick Milne, Deputy Mayor, Town of New Tecumseth
  26. Cal Patterson, Warden and Mayor, Town of Wasaga Beach
  27. Bill Rawson, Deputy Mayor, Township of Tay
  28. Alicia Savage, Deputy Mayor, Township of Clearview
  29. Mary Small Brett, Deputy Mayor, Township of Adjala-Tosorontio
  30. Tom Walsh, Mayor, Township of Adjala-Tosorontio
  31. Scott Warnock, Mayor, Township of Tay
  32. Doug White, Mayor, Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury

Source: County Council Members

BTW: It is my understanding that of these 32 individuals, 1 has taken the time to express their constituents’ desire for the park by visiting Springwater Park – Camp Nibi.

It has been 115 days since the Ministry of Natural Resources took the flags down at Springwater Park on April 1, 2013.

  • I haven’t seen Warden Patterson in the park since October 20, 2012 (278 days) when he alone came to see us at the 1st meeting of what would become the Springwater Park Citizens’ Coalition. We saw each other in chambers when I made a deputation to Council but we didn’t talk then.

National headline reads: Ojibway elder Beth Elson Leads in Defending Springwater Provincial Park

July 4, 2013

Springwater Park – Camp Nibi is the current cover story for a national newspaper called First Nations Drum.

Beth Krys les FF

Elizabeth is from Beausoleil First Nations near Midland, ON and a Director of AWARE Simoce. She was instrumental in stopping Dump Site 41 and the Mega Quarry. Author and photographer Danny Beaton has been on the SPCC advisory council from the beginning.

  • First Nations Drum is distributed at no charge into the + 650 bands across Canada each month.


Beth Elson Speaks out
We are strong minded women who are here to establish a place to come together to make our nations stronger by providing spiritual guidance and traditional role modeling to benefit all nations. The occupation is going great and the Ministry needs to open the gates and allow the disabled and our elders access to this place as well. We have been requesting the gates be opened for ceremonies and they refuse to open them. We are building a lodge later this week and putting a call out for fire keepers and campers.

We call the place-Springwater Park-Camp Nibi. We have taken over the lands of Springwater Provincial Park which was previously cared for by the Ministry of Natural Resources. It was a financial burden to the Provincial Government which no longer could afford to assume the responsibility for the park. Our objectives are to maintain the park and create a business for the First Nations and employment for our people. The First Nations has many unique and diverse programs that will be of benefit to the surrounding communities. Our unique connection to the land leads the way to inventive programs to inform and establish connection to the wildlife, forest, lands, water, and air. Our traditions and culture are to be shared and our knowledge is to be passed on so people can relate to Mother Earth and gain connection and respect. Our education and the education of the communities surrounding our territories will be enhanced by the unique relationship we have to discover in one another.

For a pdf copy of the entire article, click here.

Beth FND

Physical copies available (while they last) at Springwater Park – Camp Nibi or any native band office across Canada.

Copies hand-delivered to the offices of:

  • Mr. Patrick Brown MP Barrie,
  • Mr. Rod Jackson MPP Barrie,
  • Mr. Jeff Lehman Mayor, City of Barrie,
  • Mr. Jim Wilson, MPP Simcoe-Grey,
  • Hon. Dr. Kellie Leitch, MP Simcoe Grey,
  • Mr. Cal Patterson Warden, Simcoe County,
  • Ms. Linda Collins Mayor, Springwater Township,
  • Ms. Sandy McConkey Councillor, Springwater Township,
  • Mr. Jack Hanna Councillor, Springwater Township, and
  • Mr. Alex Nuttall Councillor, City of Barrie

And still not $1.00 of public money budgeted to support the best chance to keep Springwater Park out of the hands of developers.

A situation after 9 months that you would expect if regional politics serves only commercial interests. For details see George Stigler,  Regulatory capture. Crony capitalism, Family Compact.

Goldhawk Fights Back is relentless in protecting Springwater Park – Camp Nibi.

May 27, 2013


Once again, Dale Goldhawk proves he’s the best friend Springwater Park has ever had.

Jim Wilson Les Stewart1

Dale interviews Jim Wilson MPP Simcoe Grey and Les Stewart of the Springwater Park Citizens’ Coalition

Goldhawk jim1


You can listen to a 21:35 recording of Mr. Wilson, MPP with Dale if you click here.

Goldhawk les1

Same for Les Stewart: click here.


An email invitation to Simcoe County’s political elite to answer questions from Dale Goldhawk about their effort to save Springwater Park

April 3, 2013

Goldhawk’s landing in Simcoe County this Saturday at 11 am. 
Goldhawk self3

And he’s looking for answers why Springwater Park is closed.

From: Les Stewart <les.j.stewart@gmail.com> 3 April 2013 18:32
To: Mayor Linda Collins <linda.collins@springwater.ca>, Mayor Lehman <officeofthemayor@barrie.ca>, Jim WilsonMPP <jim.wilson@pc.ola.org>, Garfield Dunlop <garfield.dunlop@pc.ola.org>, Rod Jackson <rod.jackson@pc.ola.org>, Kellie Leitch <kellie.leitch@parl.gc.ca>, John Stanton <bruce.stanton@parl.gc.ca>, Patrick Brown <patrick.brown@parl.gc.ca>, Warden Cal Patterson <cal.patterson@simcoe.ca>, Sandy McConkey <sandy.mcconkey@springwater.ca>, Jack Hanna <jack.hanna@springwater.ca>

Cc: Ian Taylor <iantaylor68@yahoo.com>
Bcc: Dale Goldhawk


You are invited to discuss the past 6 months of efforts to retain Springwater Provincial Park as a 107 year old regional cultural treasure. We will be starting at 11 am at the main pavilion at the park in Midhurst.

Dale Goldhawk has been kind enough to travel to our community and pose questions to you that have been provided to him by the two community citizens’ groups: Ian Taylor’s Friends of Springwater Park and Les Stewart for the Springwater Park Citizens’ Coalition.

We appreciate this is very short notice but I am sure you will free up the time necessary for the viewing public to draw their own conclusions as the your efforts in the last 6 months and your plans for the next year.

While it is your prerogative not to attend or to delegate this responsibility, I am sure you would not want to miss this opportunity for such direct democracy to happen in our county.



c: Dale Goldhawk, Goldhawk Fights Back

Mr. Les Stewart MBA
Springwater Park Citizens’ Coalition, SPCC
1201 Bayfield Street North
Midhurst ON L0L 1X1
705 737-4635 Tel
705 627-2242 Cell

Goldhawk Fights Back radio recording about the Springwater Provincial Park closing near Barrie, Ontario

February 1, 2013

Goldhawk Fights Back

For those that missed the live radio broadcast this Wednesday in the GTA, southwestern and central Ontario, here it is.

Goldhawk podcast 1

Click here to go to the page and CLICK on the left of little bar.

Goldhawk podcast 3

Right here: click on the triangle to play the radio recording.

Goldhawk podcast triangle

Transcript Index

Time (minute:second) & Issue

  • 00:25 Simcoe County, Dumpsite 41
  • 01:00 Springwater Park: 107 years old, last animal sanctuary in park system, nationally-registered Vespra Boys cenotaph, 13 km of cross-country ski trails, 1.5 km of show shoeing trails
  • 01:30 park is well-used (especially in winter), close to Barrie, a quickly-growing city
  • 02:27 honour system for payment does not work, automatic payment gate has been broken for 4 years
  • 03:17 consequences of closing park: trails, veterans, animals
  • 03:43 animal sanctuary: Furley the black bear, Chrissy the white wolf, enclosures could be more modern
  • 04:43 say they need $1 million in capital, MNR only spent $1,500 in 2008, designed to fail?
  • 05:45 spend pennies on outdoor activity or big $ on acute health care, duty to permanently protect the park, 3 of 10 affected parks have a deal
  • 09:13 can’t recall a provincial park being closed in 45 years of being a journalist
  • 10:12 MNR promises they won’t sell the land for development, requirement to consult with First Nations, maintain parks for future generations
  • 16:20 Springwater Township and Simcoe County: +$400 million accumulated surplus, the lungs of Ontario, could create a new “High Park”
  • 18:30 CALLER 1 is Gerry from Toronto
  • 19:40 $230 to 240,000 in total annual expenses, God is in the details
  • 20:09 CALLER 2 is Aida from Mississauga: horse riding, picnics, Mabel Wattie, too precious to lose
  • 21:45 Midhurst Forest Station established in 1922, only took 50 years to clear-cut county, turn around environmental destruction, blowsand, staffing on weekends
  • 24:19 CALLER 3 is Mel from Coldwater: since 1858, educational value, museum and park, planted trees in 1967, growth in Barrie, local wildlife education, ridiculous, county surplus
  • 26:03 Simcoe County: staff report due on Feb 14th, 31,000 acres of forests, best forestry program in Ontario
  • 27:35 Midhurst Secondary Plan: wastewater treatment plant is planned to be immediately south of park
  • 27:52 CALLER 4 is Norm from Mississauga: example of northern provincial park being converted to municipal park, Springwater was a municipal park from 1922 to 1957
  • 29:12 CALLER 5 is Diane from London: Pickering airport lands, Dr. John Bacher, Dumpsite 41, network with existing groups
  • 30.59 Ask for the Minister of Natural Resources to take a closer look at the numbers
  • 31:42 CALLER 6 is Brenda from Barrie: a travesty, fast-growing Barrie, next steps?, report research findings to community, work with groups (faith, service, etc.), set up a foundation to assist Township and County: retain, restore and renew (if given time)
  • 33:38 Dale promised to call county warden to talk about Springwater Park

Click here to download a pdf of the Transcript Index.

Thanks Dale,  Mary and AM740 Zoomer radio.

Keep your Paws off our Springwater Provincial Park: double for the orphaned animals.

January 15, 2013

This is the third time the MNR has tried to get rid of our animals.

20130113 SPCC sign

Les Stewart, president of the Springwater Park Citizens’ Coalition, was at the Barrie Farmers’ Market at City Hall, Saturday, informing the public of his findings after a four month investigation regarding Springwater Provincial Park. Mark Wanzel /The Barrie Examiner /QMI

Springwater park is the only animal sanctuary left in the +340 provincial park system.

Another great article in the Barrie Examiner by Cheryl Browne, Coalition collecting names to help save Springwater Provincial Park:

Around for more than 107 years, the 193-hectare park is home to 29 orphaned animals, including a black bear, timber wolf, two foxes; one red, one silver, two racoons; one is albino, two wild turkeys, a wild turkey vulture, a great horned owl, a peregrine falcon a rough legged hawk, a Trumpeter Swan, two mute swans, three Canadian geese, four white tailed deer, a bobcat, two lynx, two Bald Eagles and two skunks.

In 2012, the Ministry of Natural Resources announced its decision to restructure Springwater and move the wildlife to other locations. They said it costs about $59,000 each year to provide food, shelter and medical care and staffing at the park.


I heard Warden Cal Patterson of the County of Simcoe say at the Performance Management Committee last Thursday that the deal means getting the animals out (maybe out of the country) because they cost $80.000 per year. The only deal possible…no other alternatives. Funny: Warden Patterson has known about the closing for almost 3 months (1st politician I spoke to in a crowd in the park on October 20th).

The deal is being cooked-up behind closed doors, on a take-it, or leave-it basis. Taxpayers and voters should be happy with whatever our betters determine we deserve, I suppose is the logic.

“Creative” Accounting supporting Future Consulting Fees?: This sure looks like phoney-baloney, by definition bad faith dealings. Pick the number you need to support a pre-determined decision to give these orphaned animals the bums’ rush because they’re interfering with the +5,000 acres of forest lands in the township that we want to hand-off to our future employers or consulting clients.

The animals stay until a rational community-based business plan is allowed to be implemented and given enough time to produce independently verifiable data.  No more smoke and mirrors, magic tricks or threatening us with removing a + century county treasure, please.

Comment: HelpfulHippy attributes it to greed:

It seems to me that our government bureaucrats often use a technique to strengthen their case that I first noticed with our passenger rail service.

Once they’ve targeted a service or facility that they want to dump, they willfully allow things to go downhill. They then use the ensuing shortfall in efficiency to support their claims that the thing is a moneysink.

The feds did this with via rail. There could be no doubt that Via was nosediving, but people didn’t notice that the service was being targeted with slashed operating budgets for this very reason.

With the beautiful Springwater park, the same seems to hold true. Screw up the facility enough and them blame the facility rather than the management for high operating costs.

I for one am getting tired of our governments at all levels expecting to make a profit out of all human activity. That mindset is born of greed. There can be no monetary value placed on filling a child’s mind with wonder and love of nature.

Everything is on the chopping block or for sale in this brave new world of ours.

Hey did you hear the latest news? The Nortel executives had their charges dismissed in squandering $400 billion (with a “b”) of shareholder wealth.

It’s not that local politicians don’t value a cenotaph, Springwater Park and +31,000 acres of Simcoe County Forests

November 30, 2012

It’s just that the promise of the cash flowing from land banking and sprawl residential developments like the “old switcheroo” Midhurst Secondary Plan is too tempting when the provincial government is so hated by the local unwashed masses.

Background: The province owns a 1,000 acres including the parklands and the surrounding reforested area bounded by Bayfield Street, Highway 26 , Wilson Drive and Snow Valley Road. Satellite view

Simcoe County in agreement with the province controls +31,000 acres (14,091 hectares) of the Simcoe County Forests which includes the historic Hendrie Tract.

In 1922,  Simcoe County: A Leader in Forestry. 

On October 1, 2012 the Barrie Advance reported that the current county warden is seeking his 3rd term, unopposed.

Originally posted on iLoveMidhurst.ca on October 15, 2012.

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