What evidence is there of First Nations remains (ossuaries) within Springwater Park – Camp Nibi?

September 25, 2013

I was wondering about this as I noted the excavation work being being done on the highest ground on the east side of Wilson Drive at Highway 26.

That would be the 5,000 to 10,000 year old trading route running on the high ground through Springwater Park called the Minesing First Nations Trail.

Hunter map minesing

Above is the Andrew Hunter map from page 20. The Minesing First Nations trail is in red with the Coutts Ossuary and Davis Site highlighted.

Hunter villages

This is an image of page 17 showing the 54 known Huron sites.

Historical Vespra map

This is the map with Hunter’s trails transposed in red (park in yellow)

Source: A History of Vespra County, Vespra Township Council. 1987.


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