Margaret Atwood talks about these “sinister” Ontario and local politicians?

August 18, 2014

An important warning about the destruction of Wasaga Beach and Georgian Bay.

Atwood admonishment oh boy

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To Do:

  • Click here for information so you can write a hand-written letter to Premier Wynne complaining about this type of unfair propaganda.
  • And here to find out who are the other +44,600 fools who agree with these types of people.

Why are the Midhurst sprawl-miesters running scared by doing an “end run” to get their re-zoning orders?

March 24, 2014

The poor boys thought scoring was a “Done Deal” but others and the law appear to disagree.

Demanding the Ontario Municipal Board, OMB give them their precious re-zoning orders “RFN” (full 10,000 houses):
  • before the environmental assessments are done (a no-n0, especially see RAMSAR certified Minesing Wetlands),
  • before the  current house negro township Council majority gets their increasingly-apparent doofus rubber-stamp on the crucial re-zoning orders,
  • before Margaret Atwood  and Friends (Michael  Ondaatje, Joseph Boyden, Maude Barlow, Neil & Pegi Young, and John Ralston Saul) show up at Nursery Road and Springwater Park-Camp Nibi,
  • before  the township’s Oct 27th township election allows democracy to do its purging work again,
  • before a new Minister (Linda Jeffrey quits Ontario cabinet to run for Brampton mayor) is appointed,
  • before a former Kingston municipal politician retires and passes Ontario’s 1st anti-SLAPP law, and
  • before Premier Wynne calls a spring provincial election, which would give her ….

….the pretense for a ministerial order overthrowing 100% of the financially reckless, environmentally-catastrophic Midhurst Secondary Plan.

With the stroke of a pen.

End Run Analogy: Colloquially, it has come to mean an attempt to avoid a difficult situation by dodging it without confronting it directly, or to attempt to circumvent someone’s authority by appealing to a different authority. Wikipedia

Come out to Council meeting tonight at 5:30 pm or the county museum tomorrow night to smell the fear and loathing.

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St. Margaret of Atwood says: Sign the anti-Midhurst Secondary Plan sprawl petition.

February 3, 2014

Right here. Right now.


Margaret Atwood stands behind the environment by opposing the Midhurst Secondary Plan.


Mayor Collins and Springwater Township Councillors, Township of Springwater
Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario
Glenn Murray, Minister of Infrastructure
Linda Jeffrey, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing
James Bradley, Minister of Environment

Dear Mayor Collins and Springwater Council,

I have recently signed a petition to put a stop to the Midhurst Secondary Plan (MSP). Let me explain my reasons for opposing this development.

In 2012, the Midhurst residents presented a petition against this plan with 1,456 signatures. This petition seemed to have little impact on Springwater Council. At a recent council meeting, it was clear that the local residents are still fully opposed to this plan as outlined in the Barrie Examiner. I hope that this new petition provides further evidence to Council that this issue is growing in concern.

There are several reasons why I am requesting that you repeal the MSP:

  • The MSP will cause a loss of 1,880 acres of prime farmland – enough to feed almost 2,000 people! This loss will happen at a time when we are losing farmland at an atrocious rate. With projects such as this, local food will soon no longer be an option.
  • At full build-out the MSP will dump 10.6 million litres of sewage effluent into the tiny Willow Creek and this could have a major detrimental environmental impact on the internationally recognized Minesing Wetlands. These ecosystems are fragile – the impact may be irreversible!
  • The Township has not done a comprehensive evaluation of the financial impacts of the MSP. Is this plan what is best for taxpayers? Will this plan leave the community financially stable or potentially bankrupt it? In such hard economic times, prudence is key.
  • There is little support that this plan will benefit the community. The Township has claimed that the MSP will bring jobs and stimulate the local economy but doesn’t have the facts to support this claim. It seems like these benefits are based on speculation and wishful thinking.
  • The MSP will eradicate an easy-living rural community and change it to a fast-paced, high density city. The citizens of this community are rural by choice, not urban by force.

I recognize that intelligent growth which preserves the character of Midhurst is necessary. Consequently, Midhurst village has long planned to add up to 6,500 residents by 2031; however, to quadruple the population increase for no apparent reason to potentially 30,000 people at the expense of so much does not indicate to me responsible growth planning.

I urge you to put a stop to the Midhurst Secondary Plan and find a better way to grow Springwater communities that doesn’t threaten the landscape of a small, rural community, the farms that feed us all and the fresh water that deserves our protection. I’m calling on you to do the right thing- listen to the people and represent the wishes of those who elected you. Stop the Midhurst Secondary Plan.
[Your name]

AWARE Simcoe coverage.

I have signed this petition and oppose the MSP

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An Anishinaabe tipi now graces Springwater Park – Camp Nibi in Midhurst.

August 6, 2013

A beautiful addition to the abandoned Ontario Parks lands was built on August 4, 2013.


A perfect compliment to the existing spiritual practices dwellings:  (l to r) sweat lodge and teaching lodge.


Nestled just past the Vespra Boys cenotaph.


Straight through the cathedral of pines, at the bottom of the hill entrance.

Tipi through trees nibi

Come and have your children or grandchildren’s photograph taken at this special place. Lots of families did just that this weekend!

Also, feel free to express your opinion about why aboriginal treaty rights to practice their spiritual practices should not be interfered with or bitched about.

  1. Premier of Ontario,
  2. MNR Minister and staff,
  3. County Provincial Members of Parliament,
  4. Mr. Patrick Brown and Hon. Kellie Leitch, MP, and
  5. Mr. Ian Taylor 

FYI: To see Mr. Ian Taylor‘s response to this post, click here and go to Comment 9 or see below:

“I hope an environmental assesment was made before any of these structures where built! it’s called respect for Mother Earth and is the law!
Thank you.”

Enabling these behaviors creates a sense of insecurity and impending confrontation at Springwater Park – Camp Nibi.

May 19, 2013

Is the Ministry of Natural Resources either incompetent or unwilling to keep 27 animals and a few campers feeling safe once they have abandoned Springwater Provincial Park?


So far:

  • serendipitous, long-range still and video photography of campers (especially at night),
  • inappropriate and unwelcomed visits to permanent homes of one of the campers,
  • emailed warnings from community group former board members,
  • one weekend of staff time trying to stop off-leash activity (proven ineffective),
  • bird calls made at night in the bush (don’t remember birds singing at night),
  • long-time, well-known history of poaching in the Springwater Park (improvised deer blind still left standing at the head of the red trail),
  • race-based comments on the internet and Facebook pages,
  • prowlers around just outside the fire at night,
  • 3 teenagers in broad daylight on May 17th seen scaling the interior fence of Chrissy the wolf’s enclosure,
  • Camp Nibi direction signs moved to confuse and frustrate camp visitors,
  • unsettling, unaccounted for footprints in the deer pen (venison anyone?),
  • inability to bring vehicles into park to avoid vandalism at the main gate, and 
  • stolen and wayward walking sticks and solar lights,

When these behaviors happen time after time after time, with no meaningful MNR response, the ladies are forced to ask for help from those that will listen. Their trusted brothers.

I have only met a few of these Haudenosaunee Confederacy (Iroquois, Mohawk) men. 

Springwater Park’s caged white wolf attracts the wrong type of teenage attention.

May 19, 2013

I saw 3 teenagers with backpacks and bicycles at Springwater Provincial Park last Friday afternoon at about 4 pm at the wolf enclosure.

Wanzel Chrissy alone

Photo by Mark Wanzel

One of the boys was standing between the 4 foot external fence and the 10 foot interior chain link fence (see below, x 2).

20130401 Chrissy

When I approached the enclosure, the kid saw me and jumped the four foot fence into the forest.

Wanzel Chrissy Stewart

And, unbelievably, the 2nd of the 3 dropped down from the much taller interior fence he had scaled.

The 3 of them then buggered off on their bikes.

Was the brat thinking of jumping into an enclosure with a trapped wolf? I guess he may not know what a cornered wolf can do to a kid. Or was he just going to harass her with a slingshot or something else?

This incident raises some question about the security being provided for these orphaned animals.

Chrissy: A special case because she has to put up with dog owners who disregard the “All Animals must be Leashed” signs the MNR has posted. It is still the rule and not the exception for dog owners to let their animals run free once in the park.

MNR Responsibility: This type of juvenile and endangering public behavior is predictable when the Ministry of Natural Resources decides to act in bad faith by abandoning their wildlife conservation, park enforcement and land stewardship responsibilities. It seems logical to assume these animal harassment behaviors will escalate over time when there is no enforcement of park standards.

It has been (at least) 7 1/2 months of MNR abandonment, non-supervision and dithering.

Why does the Minister and Premier continue to allow these wretchedly-housed animals being subjected to increasing risk?

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