Will any honest people bother to contest the 2014 Springwater Township election?

December 7, 2013

Or will they simply watch as Midhurst, Elmvale and the rest of the former Flos and Vespra township communities be destroyed?

Ayn Rand destroyer

Why?: The Ontario development industry likes the toothless Ontario Municipal Act too much. They want their interests (acting through a puppet majority) to deliver them the zoning for the land they want in south Simcoe County so they can have Springwater Township ask for a friendly annexation from Barrie.

And the raw land controllers (eg. the endangered forests Ministry of Natural Resources and  County of Simcoe and the blind ambition of the City of Barrie and the Premier’s office) will profit by looking the other way (see some of the institutional land holdings in south Springwater Township). Delivering these forests and green spaces helps top up any serving politician’s RRSPs.

  • See the colourful land areas below that we as citizens own but elected politicians control? When ownership is separated from control and those in control use self-interest and deceit, this defines the word “opportunism“. In a government setting, this is old-fashioned definition of the word “corruption”.

Springwater land use map

Springwater Park: This is how you establish $2-million estates on the park’s ponds and give the township, county, City of Barrie and province a big chunk of land for their administrative mausoleums. See Map 1 as to what our past, current and (likely) future politicians get from re-zoning the former tree seedling compartments south of Highway 26 inside the park to “Administration/Government” (blue areas) 

Map 1

(see the blue areas within the green and tan “Environmental Protection I and II” areas?)

Land use cropped  1

Map 2

(carving up Springwater Park since 2008)

Map 3

(the grey rectangles just above the “A”: lots more building, lots less trees)

Springwater Park and provincial forest lands


No wonder it took some time to validate the clearly illegal Midhurst Secondary Plan: the county needed their vig. Corrupting the Midhurst ratepayers’ leadership would come some time later.

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The Ministry of Natural Resources is substantially a real estate entity with a minor interest in parks

February 10, 2013

Only the Ministry of Natural Resources can sell crown land which comprises 87% of the land and underwater territory in Ontario.

Basis in law:  Public Lands Act, 1990


Function of Minister
2. (1) The Minister shall have charge of the management, sale and disposition of the public lands and forests.

(2) The Minister may enter into agreements with any person for the purpose of carrying out his or her duties under this Act.

If the value of certain crown land can driven up in a real estate speculative bubble, the cash sales revenue to the provincial government can go up by 5, 10, 20 times. Note how the Public Lands Act creates a monopoly which tends to foster an environment where opportunism (self-interest with deceit) flourishes.

This government manipulation is perfectly legal as long as doing it doesn’t run a foul of other statutes.

Analogy: The international president of McDonald’s Restaurants said:

McDonald’s is a real estate company with an interest in fast food.

Explanation: The franchisor (head office) makes  most of their money from the margin on the sublease of the land to franchisee and purchase and sale of raw and developed land. McDonald’s is the premiere commercial land owner in North America. (see McDonald’s Real Estate)

My experience in dealing with the MNR up to the level of Deputy Minister and 14 years as a franchise industry researcher supports this analogy.

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